8 Reasons I’m Obsessed With Cuckolding

1. I’m a cuckold Obvious reason yes. I have been a cuckold and obsessed with cuckolding for over a decade. In the past, I felt shame and guilt. For enjoying it, encouraging my wife to embrace her sexual freedom and the conflict in my mind of being a man but sexually very submissive. It has … Continue reading 8 Reasons I’m Obsessed With Cuckolding

Submitting To My Goddess

Everyday we are involved in dominance and submission, in fact all our lives we are involved in it. As a father I sometimes need to be dominant to my children. When I worked in corporate management I was forced to be submissive to my bosses and I was more dominant to the employees who worked … Continue reading Submitting To My Goddess

Date Night: 7 Things I like As A Cuckold

1: Her Getting Ready:  It’s a cuckold night. Typically there has been anticipation throughout the week. Not a random encounter although those are fun too. We work, we have kids and a regular family life. More often than not date nights are planned ahead of time. My wife may get her nails done if needed … Continue reading Date Night: 7 Things I like As A Cuckold

Braving Being The Cuckold

  “I’m doing that thing I do when I’m afraid. I’m floating above my life watching it and studying it, rather than living it.” ~  Braving The Wilderness; Something I have been doing most of my life when it comes to sex and sexuality. The reason I write this blog 'Crave Cuckold Cravings' to study … Continue reading Braving Being The Cuckold