Sexual Change

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Sexual changes. What changes if you could would you make?

In your sexual behavior?

Your attitudes or thoughts?

Those emotions and feelings?

Oh my sexual behavior is very naughty. Spicy.

I have a wife. I encourage her to be slutty…..

Real slutty.

No, I wouldn’t change that.

I’m a slut too. I experience and express my sexuality in so many ways. They have naturally changed over the years as I have experimented and come to better accept my sexuality. I have tried so many things. So has my wife.

Sexual fantasy, masturbation, vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, mutual masturbation, penetrative sex, group sex, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs. BDSM, fetishes, and kinks. Gender and sexual orientation.

My sexual activity has been very active.

What I have learned to change is to be open to the parts that I enjoy most. An example is I have changed from jerking my cock to rubbing it or using a vibrated on it. I changed also how I view it, not a cock at all. I like to be penetrated. Sexual fantasy and mutual masturbation, foreplay I love it all. Making love to my wife.

Our sex is connected and it is amazing.

The main sexual behaviors I’d like to change are:

  1. Be open about my bisexuality and open marriage.

    Both are such a big part of me and something I have for the most part kept in the closet. I am not saying I want to go out and announce it to the world. I do value my wife and my sexuality as something positive. So in the right circumstances, being open to discuss it. Being proud. Not being afraid of being caught. It makes me think about my wife kissing a guy openly in a parking lot a few weeks ago in front of me and others. I thought it was arousing, sexy hot and in no way inappropriate. Then I also think of a time when she was going to leave me with friends to go see the same man and it caused powerful emotions of fear and humiliation. I’d like to change that.

2. I still get male sexual urges. I’d like to change this behavior or just be okay with it.

Sometimes I like to just fuck her. I don’t think it is healthy to repress this. In the past I could switch fairly easily and find that is less desirable. When these urges happen and we act on them, it is pleasurable. At the same time less pleasurable for both of us. I guess it is okay to mix mind blowing pleasurable behaviors with less pleasurable. I’d like to continue to change my behaviors to be more feminine and being the submissive sexually to my wife. It is kind of like instant gratification vs delayed gratification.

3. Number 3 behavior is like number 1.

Recently, I’ve been open with one of my wife’s lovers more than in the past. This behavior is something I’d like with all the men she is with about my sexuality, helping them also see how to fit into our relationship well without me being a threat. I get off being more submissive to them as well and it doesn’t have to be sexual between them and me. I am completely respectful of everyone’s sexual boundaries.

4. Last stop purchasing crappy clothes

I like to dress sexy, feel sexy. Except for the clothes I wear out in public I purchase myself really cheap clothing. Usually from Fashion Nova. I have learned their customer service is beyond crap and their clothes are made to be worn like once! I look super hot in my wife’s clothes. They are high quality. I look hot in the crappy clothes too but more cheap. The cheap slutty look can be hot but I want to be classy and slutty. I have changed my behavior to slowly building a nicer fem wardrobe. I deserve it.

Emotions and feelings.

As I have shown in my past online journal post. My attitudes and thoughts can be a roller coaster. Over 11 years I have become so much more accepting of my sexuality. I can’t believe it has taken so fucking long!!!!

Thank you acutual sex books and not cuckold blogs. Books on polyamoury, jelousy, open marrages and transgenders.

I’d like to only have positive thoughts and the attitude that my sexuality is amazing.

I love my wife and my sex life and relationship with her. My negative attitudes and thoughts have impeded our growth.

I’d like to change it.

Cuckolding is funny. I fear my wife falling in love with another man. I can’t handle the emotions and feelings then later I am pleasuring myself to the same thought that caused such powerful emotions and feelings. Shooting cum all over myself.

Like a cross-dresser who purges his clothes then has needs to dress again to purchase new clothing. It is who he/she is. Period.

I want to have an accepting attitude.

I want to change all my negative fears and thoughts to being sex positive.

We ingrain sex negativity in the way our entire society operates. The ways trans women and femmes are treated and shamed. Slut-shaming. The good girl versus bad girl. I even started this post with sex negative talk. I’m naughty, dirty. Sex negativity is telling girls to put on more clothes, even on the hottest day before they leave the house. It is all around us.

It approaches sex and sexuality from a place of fear, oppression, and stigma.

Mentally it kind of fucked me up but luckily I have been open minded and confident enough just to push what feels like sexual boundaries in my head.

As Oberyn Sand from Game of Thrones says “If you don’t embrace your fluid sexuality, you miss out on half the world’s fun.”

I haven’t missed out. I mean, maybe a little. But I have not fully loved myself for being me. That is quickly changing.

Being sex positive is removing shame from any consensual sexual choices. There is a wide range of healthy sexual expression.

When partners like my wife and I are open enough to let go of our inhibitions, our sexual experiences become enjoyable multifold.

These are the emotions and feelings and behaviors I want to change. To truly set both my wife and I sexually free. Our bond is bound closer because we accept each other with every single fetish, every single tick and every single suggestion.

I am learning to better embrace my sexuality and embrace my wife’s.

A 100% accepting attitude is what I want. I desire men to give my wife what I can’t sexually also do things for her, to her, I don’t enjoy doing as a submissive but she loves. She can’t give me some things I desire. I love that my wife and I reverse conventional gender roles during sex. I love being dominated, love to be roughed around, by her and by men. She loves roughing me around, dominating me and loves feeling this herself from other lovers.

She is my LOML. I want her to have emotional relationships with other men. I want to help her like she has helped me to have the best sex life that works for her.

For us, this means a lot of sex.

A lot of communication and trust.

She is very sex positive. So am I, I just am working to overcome the sex negative.

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