A Finger Of Humiliation

She is riding on top of me, the most beautiful woman I ever ever laid eyes on. Fucking me, grinding on my cock, pushing it as far in as it will go. Her double DD breasts, a perfect shape, the face of my angle, wicked, naughty and loving.

She reaches behind me feeling my penis as she rides it. She starts to add a finger into her pussy than two. She desires more, to be filled full, to cum….. to cum hard she need a little more girth. She finger fucks herself while I fuck her.

She has done it so many times and each time is a ping of humiliation, an erotic slap in my face. Her husbands cock is small and she has been forced to get creative to ensure she gets her share of pleasure.

It is a small sexual act, it turns me on more than anything I have done sexually with a woman. Loving honesty. It thrills me because I want her to have more, to feel that sexual pleasure, to orgasm hard. It thrills me because I am a cuckold and it immediately makes me fantasy and imagine her fucking a big cock, cuming over and over again, bent over being fucked by a cock that stretches and fills her insides.

I accepted her sexuality the moment I met her, I knew she was naught, sexy and slutty. I love this part of her, it is my biggest turn-on.

It is funny, I felt so conflicted so long. A lot of it was I never wanted her to cuckold me for me. I wanted it to be for her. Stupid man, yes. We are in it together as lovers, we both get off on the fantasy.

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